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Auto accident therapy

Don't put off treating your injuries

Auto accident treatments for mind and body

The pain you suffer after an auto accident is usually compounded by the worries about how your treatment will be covered. Alderdice Sports and Family Chiropractic and Weight Loss Center has been helping the residents of Cumming, GA for 16 years. We will fully explain the benefits of: using your medical insurance, your auto insurance medical payments,  the other persons auto liability insurance, or all three.  Let us put your mind at ease as we work on treating your body's injuries.

In all of those 16 years, we have never had an insurance company reject a claim. We can help you handle the entire process. There are several attorneys we've worked with over the years that we can recommend to you. Chiropractic care is beneficial for all manners of auto accident injuries from whiplash to compacted vertebrae.

Help from start to finish

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