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Weight loss

Lose 3 to 7 pounds per week

All natural, medically supervised program

Our Wellness Director, Nanci L. Wells, RN BSN, coaches and medically monitors patients in an all-natural FAT-LOSS diet program developed in Europe that has been successfully used by over 4 million people worldwide.

This all natural program combines packaged foods with home-prepared foods and specific supplements to manipulate your body's natural physiology, causing it to burn from 3 to 7 pounds of fat per week on average. Since this is fat-loss not weight-loss it will have a much greater impact both on your health and on your appearance than the same 3 to 7 pounds of weight-loss would. When you lose weight through dieting, you lose four things: water, essential nutrients, muscle, and fat. This is why the overwhelming majority of dieters regain their lost weight within a year. Your body wants to replace the water, essential nutrients, and muscle.

When you lose fat, your body does not actively seek to replace it. This makes the results of this program much longer lasting. Also fat deposits like cellulite, that are often diet resistant disappear with this program. The program reduces inflammation, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels in most patients. There are 50+ varieties of gourmet quality foods available.

For more information on this revolutionary weight loss system, you can visit our site. Then call or visit Nanci at Alderdice Sports and Family Chiropractic and Weight Loss Center in Cumming, GA. Schedule your consultation today and get on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

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